Getting started

The following section describes how to use netlint.


Configuration is available through

  • Command line parameters (see CLI documentation)

  • The [tool.netlint] section of the pyproject.toml file * Available options mirror the command line parameters * The config file location is configurable with -c/--config.

    If the name of the config file is not pyproject.toml the [netlint] section is expected instead

Usage in Python code

If you want to integrate netlint into your Python application, you need to import the Checker class from netlint.checks.checker:

from application import do_stuff

from netlint.checks.checker import Checker

configuration = [
  "feature ssh",
  "feature bgp",
  "hostname test.local"

checker = Checker()


# Check checker.check_results for the results of the checks
for check, result in checker.items()